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Happy Earth Day!

IMG_0548.JPGApril 22nd is Earth Day 2015, the 45th anniversary of the first Earth Day in 1970.  Today would be a good day to think about pt he sustainability of our lifestyles and perhaps consider a change or two in our habits.   Perhaps today would be a good day to think about driving a little less, installing LED light bulbs, or reducing water consumption.   Maybe recycle a little more and throw away a little less.   Small changes by billions of people can add up to a lot!

You Found Tom’s Blog

DSC_2685-EditWelcome to my blog.

In here you will find my own thoughts and commentary from the vantage point of Silicon Valley product strategist.   Like many people here in northern California, I’m from somewhere else.  I grew up in the Washington DC area, was educated in Pennsylvania, and ultimately moved out to the East Bay region near Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  After 15 years I’m finally getting used to the dryness and lack of green much of year.  Visiting Washington last spring, I felt like I was in a jungle!

I have many “hobbies” including music, science-fiction, photography, philosophy, animation, sculpting and computers.   The last two have come together with the advent of some interesting software such as Zbrush, which allows me to sculpt digital clay in ways I could only begin to imagine when I created my first software programs to animate shapes on computer screens in the 1970’s.   Thirty-Five years and many twists and turns later, including much traditional art study, I find the two so divergent worlds fine arts and silicon circus coming together in surprising complementary ways.

In this blog, you’ll probably find comments about art, the business of computers and data management, occasional photographs, books and other observations as find them.   This blog is what Robert Fulghum once referred to as “my stuff”.

I hope you enjoy your visit.