Daily Archive: April 28, 2015

One Week Until SAPPHIRE NOW 2015

1422368407252I will be attending SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 conference next week.    In addition to helping out at the Platform Technology demonstration area (Data Warehousing pod), I will be introducing Milt Simonds from AmerisourceBergen who will be talking about their 14 Terabyte data warehouse (PT20262 Simplify Your Data Warehouse While Meeting Tough Requirements).   I’ll also be co-hosting a Microforum with Mathieu Page of Uniselect on cloud-based data warehousing (PT20284 Explore the Benefits of the Cloud Warehouse with In-Memory Technology).  We’ll be exploring how cloud and hybrid-cloud architectures for the data warehouse may change how you plan you next data project.     Lastly, I’ll be co-presenting a couple demonstrations of working with SAP data warehouse technology and Hadoop big data with Matt Schmidt (PT20268 Overcome Data Overload with Data Layering Techniques).  You’ll get to see how we merge big data from Hadoop with business data in SAP Business Warehouse by using SAP HANA’s smart data access technology.  If you have a chance, stop by and say hello!